Every month, MORE THAN 9,000,000 people from all over the world USE OUR PRODUCTS, TO simplify and enhance theIR DAILY lives.
OUR stats

In a few short years, we have created one of the largest Consumer Internet holding company in Africa with Twenty (20) Internet properties under management. Our product launch success rate is over 90% and below are some juicy stats:

  • 15,000,000 monthly page views
  • 9,000,000 users per month
  • 18,000,000 Ad Impressions Served monthly
Products Verticals

We have Twenty (20) Internet properties under management. Our methodology has always been to launch or buy products we find interesting, with strong fundamentals. So far this approach has been quiet successful with a launch success rate of 80%. Going forward,  we are investing heavily in building Saas (Software as a Service) products and actively pursuing M&A opportunities.

Business Model

We build free products that users love and monetize through display advertising. This is responsible for the bulk of our earnings. In the long term, we are investing heavily in Saas business models. Below is our revenue distribution.

About us
In 2018, we set out to create a new Internet model with the ethos of "move fast, create things".

Our innovation was a Holding company for web properties. We figured we would treat each property as a unique scientific experiment, buying or launching as fast as possible and testing a market cautiously. Today, with over 20 successful properties under management, we have taken our model to the World and created the Berkshire Hathaway for the African Internet.

Some Brands

We operate in many Internet verticals and niches. Below is a cross-selection of some of our interesting products:


Levelsfyi.com (Acquired by Levels.com USA) - Levelsfyi provides Career leveling and Salary information at top companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc.


PromptDB.ai -

The AI Prompts Databse - PromptDB is the place for high quality AI Prompts, Models and Community.



Helps developers test their Fintech products by providing dummy details for all major credit card processing rails.


Priceprediction.info -

Using historical price data, we built an algorithm to provide future price predictions for the top 6000 Cryptocurrencies.


AppContacter.com -

Helps developers collect feedback from their most passionate and engaged users.


Justuseapp.com -

Helps users stay safe on the Internet by managing their apps, subscriptions, finances and expenses.

Outagedown.com -

Seemless Uptime monitoring for the top web properties in the World.

Doccheap.com -

Helps companies turn regularly used documents into intelligent templates, in order to create documents in half the time

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