Our History

In February 2018, we set out to build a new Internet model after six (6) prior years of failure trying to build successful products for the Web. Our innovation was a Holding company for web properties. We figured we would treat each property as a unique scientific experiment, launching as fast as possible and testing a market cautiously. This model worked too well, creating an almost 100% success rate. Today, with over 50 successful properties under management (as at Feb, 2020). We are taking our model to the World and creating the Berkshire Hatahway for the African Internet.

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We are building the future

Our ideation process coerces up to simulate what the future will look like . Below is what our building process looks like:

We ask ourselves - "what useful services can we offer users?"
We research available competition to see if we can provide a better product or service.
Build & Launch

Time is valuable. So we launch quickly to test the market.

Our Team
Enyimba H. Izundu
Frances Ezepue
Content Lead
Ukatu Vivian
Yvo Schaps

Web Developer/Contractor

Nelson .A.



Wondering how we provide free Internet products to millions of people all over the world? These monetization partners made it possible.